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Organophilic Hectorite clay  is an Organoclay used as viscosifier in invert oil

base or synthetic base mud. Organophilic clay is an amine treated Hectorite used to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties, providing support for weighting materials and improvement in hole cleaning capabilitie.

  • COMMON NAME : Organophilic Hectorite Clay
  • APPEARANCE : Powder
    COLOUR: White
  • Organic bentonite clay is used to increase viscosity and gel strength in invert oil base or synthetic base mud. It has proven successful in preparing drilling coring workover and completion fluids such as casing packs, packer fluids and spotting fluids. Good agitation and sufficient shear are required to develop viscosity when using our CP-series organoclay bentonite to build fresh mud.
  • Provide suspension of weighting materials
  • Increase hole-cleaning capacity
  • Improves filter cakes quality and filtration characteristics .
  • Effective gelling agent in casing packs and packer fluids.
  • Temperature stable.
  • Increase hole-cleaning capacity.The effectiveness of  modified bentonite is reduced when added to a
    mud system, which is severely water wet.Over treatment may lead to rheological problems Requires shear and temperature to yield to its optimum level
    Higher concentrations required in high oil water ratio systems
    Allow newly formulated fluids two full circulations before attempting
    to remediate low rheology modifier.


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