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Primary And Secondary Emulsifiers | primary emulsifier

Primary And Secondary Emulsifiers is an oil-based mud additive, Primary And Secondary Emulsifiers is designed for oil-based drilling muds (Invert Emulsion).

Primary Emulsifier is made of fatty acids and a blend of selected additives to give a high quality – high-performance product in drilling operations reduced filtering, and providing suspension properties.

Advantages of Primary And Secondary Emulsifiers

  • Helps impart high-temperature stability to oil-based fluids
  • Can be added directly to the system Resists electrolyte contamination
  • Helps lower filtration rates
  • Helps form stable water-in-oil emulsions

Primary and secondary emulsifier differences

Primary And Secondary Emulsifiers include Primary Emulsifiers and Secondary Emulsifiers. 

Primary and secondary emulsifier differences, many users always ask this question. Here, we make the following explanation for the emulsifier, hope it will be helpful to everyone.

The emulsifier for oil drilling fluid includes a primary emulsifier and a secondary emulsifier. The principle of action is the same. The two refer to different values of the index. They need to be matched with each other and use. Both are used for oil-based drilling mud. All of them have the characteristics of resistance to high temperature, resistance to salt and calcium invasion, conducive to well wall stability, good lubricity, less damage to oil and gas formations, and good mud cake quality to ensure normal drilling operations.

Primary and secondary emulsifiers

One is oil-in-water and the other is water-in-oil 

A type of organic compound that can make immiscible liquids form a stable emulsion. They are all surface-active substances, which can reduce the interfacial tension between liquids and make mutually immiscible liquids easy to emulsify.

During emulsification, the dispersed phase is uniformly distributed in the continuous phase in the form of small liquid beads (between 0.1 microns and tens of microns in diameter). Prevent their mutual aggregation and keep the emulsion stable.

The emulsion is a heterogeneous system. The most common are oil-in-water emulsions with water as the continuous phase and water-insoluble organic liquid as the dispersed phase. There are also water-in-oil emulsions with water as the dispersed phase and water-insoluble organic liquid as the continuous phase.

Primary and secondary emulsifiers


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We also provide customized organoclay as per your formulation.

Difference between primary and secondary emulsifiers

1. Different effects: The water-in-oil base is used as a base of vanishing cream. The purpose of emulsification is to reduce the energy consumed by emulsion preparation.

2. Different emulsifying components: water-in-oil emulsifier, which emulsifies water-in-oil emulsion. Oil-in-water emulsifier, the emulsified emulsion is an oil-in-water emulsion.

3. Different scope of application: Water-in-oil emulsifier has a wide scope of application. The oil-in-water emulsifier has a small application range.

Effect of emulsifier for drilling fluid:
1) Reduce drill bit friction and reduce heat generation.
2) Emulsify the mud produced by drilling to prevent mud precipitation.

About Us

Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co.Ltd is a professional total solution provider of Primary and secondary emulsifiers in China. Our other main products are bentonite Organoclay rheological additive | Organophilic clay. They are all used for oil drilling mud. 

We are an ISO certified company. We cooperate with many world-renowned oil service companies. They helped us improve the quality, and we also provided relatively stable quality and cost – effective bentonite Organoclay rheological additive | Organophilic clay to help them occupy the market.

Our hot products

  • Primary and secondary emulsifiers
  • Organophilic clay
  • Organophilic lignite

Above products belong to drilling additive, drilling mud additive.

Applications : 

  • Oil drilling mud ( Diesel oil , mineral oil or Synthetic oil )
  • Fracture fluids

Advantages :

  • 20 years of experience in bentonite organoclay organophilic clay,Primary and secondary emulsifiers industry
  • We have our own raw bentonite mine in the North of China.
  • Free samples for customers on request.
  • Fast delivery time ( About 7 to 10 work days after we receive your deposit.

Customer Service :

Pls feel free to contact us if you have any problems before purchase organoclay or Primary and secondary emulsifiers .Any questions will be replied to within 24 hours except for the hoilday.


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We also provide customized organoclay as per your formulation.



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