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Rheological Modifier | Rheological Additive

CP series rheological modifier include solvent based organoclay rheological modifier and water based rheological modifier . 

Rheology Modifiers Selection for Coatings & Paints

Rheology modifier are coating agents used in almost every paints coatings to achieve desired rheological performance.

For the application of paints ,coatings ,inks, grease and oil drilling mud,Rheology modifier  could supply good dispersion and viscosity, these Rheology additives also help in controlling paint shelf stability, open time / wet edge and sagging,ease of application,

But, how to choose  right rheology modifier for your formulation in paints coatings is very very important.  

Are you looking for the tips to choose the best suitable rheology modifiers for your paint or coating ?

 Learning some basic information about rheology modifying agents,How to use  rheology modifying,what are the main types of rheology modifiers for water based or solvent based coatings.  And how to avoid test failure etc.

We would like to acknowledge our organoclay rheology additive technical department for providing technical information needed to develop this guide.

Rheological Modifier | Rheological Additive

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