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Rheology control additives | Suspending solids in drilling fluids

Rheology additives use in oil based drilling muds,Invert emulsion muds,Packer fluids,Completion fluids,Workover fluids.

Rheology additives could controls settling with minimal increases in viscosity and gel strength and maintains suspension over a wide temperature range.

Rheology control additives increases the suspension of solids in fluids thickened with organoclay gellants.

Rheological additives is an easy to disperse, rapid yielding, economical organobentonite viscosifier for oil–based muds. 

Organoclay Rheological additives‘s unique composition delivers a dry process gellant that requires less time and shear to build full rheology in drilling fluids, and that yields at low field temperatures.  

Organoclay rheological additive is suitable for drilling fluids based on mineral and other low toxicity oils, synthetics, as well as diesel and crude oils.

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