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Rheology modifier bentonite has certain film-forming properties, ion-exchange properties and adhesion. When Rheology modifier bentonite  is introduced into architectural coatings, it can exchange with the organic ions in the organic film-forming materials of the coatings to make composite coatings. Anti-settling effect. Due to the irreversible nature of the montmorillonite organic compound, it becomes hydrophobic after water loss, and also improves the water resistance of the coating film.

The function of Rheology modifier bentonite in coatings

Rheology modifier bentonite forms a flocculent substance in water, which has a thickening effect. Its molecular groups can be combined with the organic binder in the coating, which can enhance the water resistance of the coating and improve the strength and adhesion of the coating.
  ② Modified Bentonite has good suspending and dispersing properties in the aqueous medium, making the coating difficult to precipitate, difficult to layer, and uniform in color, so improving the stability of the coating suspension; and good brushing performance, can form a thick, uniform, smooth coating Floor.
  ③ Bentonite organoclay  has a certain cohesion and hiding power, and the price is low
Modified Bentonite has excellent hydrophilicity, swelling, and cohesiveness, and can be combined with an appropriate amount of water to form a colloid. It can release charged ions in water. This electrical repulsion between ions plays a role as a dispersant in the coating. .
Modified Bentonite has cold resistance, and the applied paint can still be used at lower temperatures in winter.

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