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Rheology Modifier In Paint

Rheology Modifier in paint coatings. Rheology modifiers use in paint and coatings can improve its thixotropy, suspensibility and stability. Improve spreadability, prevent sagging and sag.

Increase paint film thickness, prevent paint precipitation, improve storage stability, and increase paint quality and paint The life of the piece.

Product Name: Rheology Modifier

Code: CP-34 , CP-40,CP-180,CP-10,CP-APA,CP-MPB

CAS NO.: 68953-58-2

EINECS NO.: 273-219-4

Characteristics: Strong thickening effect, good compatibility, need polar activator

Main content: Organically modified bentonite clay 

★ Application : Rheology Modifier in paint

Rheology Modifier is introduced into various paints .Such as wood coating, Marine Coating, Anti-rust and anti-corrosion paint etc. And Rheology Modifiers is used to improve thixotropy, and play a role in thickening, anti-settling (anti-hardening), and oily emulsification.

 In the coating application field, different coating systems need to face different application fields, so there will be different requirements in the selection of rheology Modifier.

Rheology Modifier is an easily dispersible rheological additive, especially suitable for medium-high polar solvent systems. Such as xylene, xylene-butyl acetate, xylene-cyclohexanone and other solvent systems.

Anticorrosive paint, marine paint, industrial decorative paint, automobile primer, adhesive and sealing materials, etc.  

  1. Wood Coating 

   Transparent wood coatings, especially primers, have higher requirements for anti-settling and transparency due to the addition of a larger amount of fillers. In this application field.

     The general standard rheology modifier has excellent thickening properties, has a small effect on the transparency of the paint film.And has a relatively low use cost, so it is more recognized by the coating manufacturer in the market. 

  Because certain pigments have certain anti-settling properties for wood paints. In addition to the need for the anti-settling properties of organoclay bentonite, more emphasis is placed on its dispersion and leveling effects.

Easily dispersible organoclay bentonite with better dispersion and leveling properties is bound to become a better choice. 

  • Marine Coating 

   Due to the heavy anti-corrosion requirements of marine coatings, a large amount of pigments and fillers with high specific gravity are generally added to achieve excellent anti-corrosion effects.

   In this application, the choice of organoclay bentonite should pay more attention to the balance of anti-settling and thickening properties.

  Therefore, attention should be paid to selecting organoclay bentonite with low thickening and high anti-settling properties and matching with some polyethylene waxes to improve the quality of marine coatings. 

  At the same time, due to the requirement of high paint film thickness in the construction of marine coatings.We can consider adding some polyamide wax to the coating formulation to improve the anti-sagging effect of the coating. 

  •   Anti-rust and anti-corrosion paint  

   Anti-rust and anti-corrosion coatings generally choose standard organoclay bentonite due to cost considerations.

Because this type of organoclay bentonite rheology modifier has a strong thickening and anti-settling effect, it has become one of the main anti-settling options in such coating products.  

If there is a high demand for the dry film thickness of the paint film in the construction of anti-corrosion coatings.Some organoclay bentonites with low thickening and high anti-settling properties should be considered at this time.

Due to the low thickening characteristics of such organoclay bentonites, the solid content of the formulation can be increased. , Increase the dry film thickness of the paint film without significantly reducing the wet film thickness.  

In other coating applications, rheology modifier can also be selected according to different rheological needs, and it can also be used with other organic rheological agents to get the best results. 

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Rheology modifier in paint is generally added directly to the grinding process of product processing. Under the shear force of grinding (or stirring) the dispersed pigment, rheology modifiers is fully dispersed and activated.


The amount of rheology additive in the paint depends on the thickening effect required by the system, the rheological performance control requirements, and the degree of pigment precipitation. The typical dosage range is 0.5-1.5% of the paint amount. The amount of conventional organoclay rheology modifier is tried out and then optimized. Generally, the amount is lower than that of conventional organoclay. 

General usage method:

(1) Add resin/solvent;

(2) Add rheology modifier additives and stir at high speed for 10-20 minutes;

(3) If the solvent is 200# solvent naphtha, white oil and other aliphatic hydrocarbon low-polarity solvents, add a polar activator with 30-40% rheology modifier content (such as 95% ethanol)

And stir at high speed for 10-20 minutes; The solvent is a medium-high polar solvent system such as xylene, xylene-butyl acetate, etc., which can be self-activated and dispersed without adding an activator;

(4) Add wetting agent and pigment, grind and disperse (stirring, ball milling, sanding) to the required fineness;

(5) Add other materials in the formula and continue to disperse to uniformity.

Because rheology modifier has good thixotropic properties. It can be widely used in many fields, such as: road paint, powder coatings, marine paints , etc.

As a new type of high-performance organoclay bentonite rheology additive with excellent thixotropy and easy dispersibility. 

Rheology modifier is developed for aliphatic hydrocarbon/aromatic hydrocarbon, aromatic hydrocarbon and polar solvent/aromatic hydrocarbon solvent system. In these systems rheology modifier has excellent anti-sagging and anti-settling properties.

Used in paints, adhesives, enamels and printing inks, it can maintain performance for a long time without deterioration.

rheology modifier sometimes needs to add an appropriate amount of activator to make it effective.

Rheology modifiers is refined from high-quality sodium bentonite after purification, denaturation and chemical treatment.

Strong lipophilicity, it can form gel in dimethylben and No. 200 coal char solvent and high-polarity organic solvent oil, and has thixotropy.

The characteristics of rheology modifier organic bentonite: organic bentonite has hydrophobic and lipophilic properties;

it has good dispersibility, solubilization, emulsification and adsorption in organic solvents. This reflects the gelation rate and viscosity of the product itself.

rheology modifiers has no special requirements for production equipment during application. But grinding or high-shearing technology is required in the process.

In order to achieve the effect, an appropriate amount of polar activator .

Such as propylene carbonate, methanol/water (95 /5), ethanol/water (95/5) or acetone.

According to the different types of polar activators, the added amount is generally 20%-60% by weight of rheology modifier.

Application : Solvent-based paint

Add amount

The general addition amount of rheology modifier is 0.2%-2.0% of the total system weight. The specific addition amount can be adjusted according to the needs. And then applied to the actual production after adjustment in the laboratory.

Safe operation

Before using this product, read the Safety Manual (MSDS) carefully.

Packaging and storage

The outer packaging of rheology modifier in paint is kraft paper bag. And the inner packaging adopts double-layer packaging of polyethylene film bag or paper bag packaging. The weight is usually 25±0.25kg or according to user requirements. Stored under dry conditions, when the temperature is 0℃~30℃, the quality validity period is 12 months.

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Rheology Modifier In Paint  

Rheology Modifiers

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