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Two Methods for Selecting Organoclay Bentonite In Oil Drilling Mud

Organoclay Bentonite are widely used in paints, coatings, inks , grease lubricants, and oil field. Today we will focus on two main points to understand how to choose the right grade of organo clay bentonite.  

Organic bentonite clay is mainly used in drilling mud / slurry which include oil based mud and water based mud. Here we will reveal the section method of our organophilic clay in oil-based mud for choosing the right grade.

1), According to the base oil in the mud to judge the correct organophilic clay

The drilling fluid includes base oil, lime,  organophilic bentonite and emulsifiers etc. Among them,, base oil includes diesel oil, white oil, mineral oil and synthetic oil. Emulsifiers include primary emulsifiers and secondary emulsifiers.The selection of organic bentonite clay is mainly based on the base oil. Among the many grades of organobentonite, there are organoclays which are particularly suitable for mineral oil and synthetic oil. And there are also organobentonite used specifically for diesel oil. For example, our organophilic bentonite clay CP-01 and CP-02 mainly used for diesel oil ,Organoclay rheological additive CP-03, CP-04, CP-05 and CP-06 are mainly used in mineral oil and synthetic oil.

2), According to drilling fluid to choose the right organophilic clay.

As we mentioned it above, ,You can choose our organoclay rheological additive of CP-03, CP-04, CP-05 and CP-06 for mineral oils and synthetic oils. Many people will be confused that what is the difference between these grades?The answer is that different drilling  determines which corresponding grade we choose.Different drilling fluid for the selection of different rheology modifier has very small, and specific requirements. The drilling fluid include all oil based drilling fluids,invert emulsion fluids,Workover fluid, fracturing fluid,completion fluids,casing packs,packer fluids,spotting fluids etc. Here we mainly explain that our rheology modifier CP-03 has a particularly good performance, in the HTHP, our rheology additive CP-04 can be mainly used in workover fluid and CP-05, rheology additive CP-06 should be applied to all oils. 

Here we simply list a few of the drilling fluids for more drilling fluid applications.You can email us([email protected]) directly or send us a message. In the message, please tell us specifically  your base oil or drilling fluid and your email address. Our professional sales will get back to you in time.

As a result of most inquire of bentonite organoclay are from traders. For many different drilling fluids and base oils, they often faced with the dilemma of how to choose. Therefore, it is important to clearly inform the Bentonite organoclay supplier about your base oil or drilling fluid. This can effectively save time to help suppliers to recommend to yuo the most direct organophilic hectorite clay model.

Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co Ltd. as a professional supplier of organophilic hectorite clay,has accumulated rich experience in the field of oil drilling and fracturing. These experiences can help our end-users to choose the most cost-effective amine-treated Bentonite specification directly from the technical level, and give the first reminder and guidance to the problems that may occur in the application of organic bentonite | organiclay . For more organic bentonite | organiclay applications, please email us or send us a message.


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