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 Organoclay export to Brazil

Organoclay has been exported to Brazil for nearly 20 years at Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co.Ltd. In the countries of South American, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina ,Chile and Colombia are our major trading countries. Today, we will mainly talk about some details about the export of Organoclay from Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co.Ltd to Brazil.

Organoclay export to BrazilOrganoclay export to Brazil

Port of Loading: Shanghai or NingBo, China (Some customers need to share a container together with other suppliers.

We will also ship the organoclay to any warehouse designated by the customers according to their needs.)

Port of Destination: Santos or Itajai , Brazil

Mode of transport: By FCL ( 20FCL or 4FCL)

Packing of organoclay : 25Kg/Bag, 22.68Kg/Bag(50lb) or Jumbo bag, 16MT/20FCL with pallet, 22MT/40FCL with pallet.

Delivery time: Usually our delivery time of organoclay is 7 to 10 working days. At present, due to the shortage of raw materials, the production period of some grades has been extended to about 30 days.

(Amines, the raw material used to produce organoclay, can be used to produce disinfectant hand sanitizers, leading to soaring prices and tight supplies.)

Many of Brazil’s organoclay buyers choose Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co.Ltd as their organoclay parter.

Due to our professional organoclay experience, our competitive price, and the best service in the market of Brazil.

What kind of Brazilian customers will choose Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co.Ltd as an organoclay supplier?

1),First of all, these Brazilian customers are mainly from the fields of coatings, inks, greases, oil field drilling mud and fracturing fluids.

They are chemical distributors and some are end users.

2),These distributors or end users are eager to get the best bottom price through direct suppliers, so that they can win in the market competition.

3),In the direct contact with suppliers, organoclay suppliers can provide the most direct technical support.

Especially when organoclays is applied in some specific fields, and suppliers can provide priority reminders to avoid problems in organic clay experiment.

4), Brazilian organoclay buyers are very clear, the organoclay supplier’s experience in the Brazilian market .

It can help dealers to avoid many detours when selling their organoclays.

5),In the after-sales, eager to get the first-time feedback is also a great reason for many importers to choose us directly.

The above five points are the main reasons why Brazilian organoclay buyers choose Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co.Ltd as an organoclay supplier.

Our work:
1),Produce different kinds of organoclay for paints,coatings,inks,grease and oil drilling mud.

2),Provide corresponding information and technical support to customers in different markets.

3),Offer best price ,payment terms and delivery times to end-users.

4),After receiving the order, arrange to produce organoclay for plant colleagues.

(Before that, we will confirm the package printing with the customer.)

How to confirm the delivery time of organoclay ?
How to confirm the delivery time of organoclay ?

5),Before delivery, we will provide customers with photos of production progress, as well as the organoclay test report and sample situation before shipment.



6), During the arrangement of shipment, we will confirm the customer’s requirements for the shipping company, the approximate sailing date (ETD)and arrival date(ETA).

Because of the epidemic situation, the shipping schedule is very unstable and there are often delays.

7),After the containers are loaded from the factory.  We will provide the customers with pictures and videos of our loading process.

8),Before issuing the original documents, we will confirm the draft of all documents with the customer. After the customer confirms, we will arrange the original to be printed.

In this process, we will be very cautious. Because the complete set of documents is related to customs clearance at the port of destination.

9),Finally, we will send the whole set of documents to the customer through DHL or FexEx. And inform the customer of the waybill number.

At the same time, we will mail a copy of the original documents to the customer for record.

10),After receiving the customer’s confirmation of receipt of the documents, our entire order is closed. However, our follow-up service of organoclay will continue to be provided to customers.

For more organoclay infomation or regarding how to choose organoclay supplier in China ,pls mail us now.

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