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Correct method to configure organoclay bentonite drilling wall protection mud

Organoclay bentonite, water, clay, drilling through the project is a common method of mixing slurry. According to the different physical and chemical properties on the surface of organoclay bentonite particles, it is a technical method for water to disperse, disintegrate and dissolve the particles in bentonite to achieve the qualitative reaction of lubrication, viscous cementing and drilling tool cooling. The wall protection mud used in drilling is bentonite. There are certain techniques and principles in the operation of any engineering configuration of drilling wall protection mud. Strict adherence to these principles ensures efficiency and quality. The following is a brief introduction of bentonite wall mud ratio operation of the general principl.

There are three general principles of bentonite preparation for drilling mud.

  1. Operate according to the properties of bentonite powder;
  2. Operate according to product quantity and quality requirements;
  3. Maintain the stability of bentonite mud process, asonly the stability of the     process can achieve the stability of engineering mud process index.

Regarding how to choose correct grade of organoclay,pls check our other articel.

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Our organoclay bentonite clay also is used for paints,coatings,grease,inks and oil drilling mud. 

Correct method to configure organoclay bentonite drilling wall protection mud

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