Organoclay Gellant 

 The organoclay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning is a kind of rheological additive with good self activation ability. Its’s main goal is to use it as a thickening agent for mineral oil, synthetic oil , diesel oil, and other drilling fluids, which perfectly reflects the good suspension performance and thixotropy performance.

Compared with the traditional organo clay thickener, it has more economic value in terms of economy, because the traditional organoclay based products require higher shear force and chemical activation. It can also achieve sufficient dispersion and complete performance. Organophilic clay bentonite, which is suitable for medium to high-viscosity, paraffin, oil, synthetic oil, and other diesel-based lubricants and oilfield drilling mud, Organo bentonite is easy to disperse.

Organoclay Gellant 

Organoclay Gellant : Organoclay Bentonite Drilling Mud

Organophilic Clay For Diesel Oil CP-982

Rheology modifier CP-982 has a good suspension effect in diesel oil.It's a excellent suspension agent

Organo clay For Mineral Oil CP-992

When the base oil is mineral oil, organophilic bentonite clay has good viscosity and rheology as a drilling chemicals

Organo Bentonite For Synthetic Oil CP-150

Hectorite organoclay are used as fracking chemicals in synthetic oil, It can effectively prevent the well wall collapse.

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Organoclay thickener For Grease

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Organoclay Rheology Modifiers for Waterborne Paints

Anti settling agent for water based paints is a rheology modifier for Waterborne Paints. It is an excellent paint thickening agent and paint thickener.

Organoclay Anti Settling Agent for Solvent based Paints

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Commonly Asked Questions

Organoclay Thickener Packing:  25Kg/Bag or 22.68Kg(50LB)/Bag, 16MT/20fcl with pallet. 18MT/20FCL without pallet.

 25MT/40FCL with pallet.

We also accept customized packaging for Organoclay Gellant .

 At present, organic bentonite clay | Organoclay Gellant  exported to Russia is mainly as anti settling agent in paint and drilling oil fields.

Of course, there are also a large number of customers who use Organoclay Thickener for grease lubrication. 

We have already recommended the use of CP – 34 in diesel  systems and CP – APA and CP – MPS in mineral oil systems. In lubricants, different types of organic bentonite grease will be selected which is based on the different base oils.

Drilling bentonite : In Russia, we mainly export CP- 982 AND CP-992 , CP-982 which are mainly used in diesel system, and CP-992 which is mainly used in mineral oil and synthetic oil  . At the same time, our organic bentonite CP-2 is currently the largest sales volume in Russia, because it combines the dual absolute advantage of price and quality.

 Firstly, we accept RMB settlement for Organoclay Thickener.This is also a requirement of many Russian customers.  

Secondly, in terms of payment method, our main payment method is 30% TT in advance and 70% against copy bill of lading.

If the shipping method you choose by railway, we require 100% TT in advance.

 We can provide free samples of Organoclay Gellant  , and we have excellent delivery channels to quickly reach your hands. Through testing, you can select the model that best matches your formula and select the most cost-effective product to use in your project.

 Our delivery times may vary slightly in different seasons, but overall, our delivery time is between 10-15 working days for Organoclay Gellant .

If you have special delivery time requirements for your order, we can also do special processing to expedite production and arrange shipment for you.

 Regarding the advantages of selling in Russia, overall, we have nearly 20 years of experience in selling our organic bentonite in the Russian region.

We can accept RMB settlement to facilitate payment from Russian customers. At the same time, we have our own factory and raw ore, which greatly saves the cost and transportation time of raw materials, and provides source control over quality.

At the same time, we have many years of cooperation experience with some well-known giant companies in the Russian region. Our sales proportion of organic bentonite clay | Organoclay Gellant  in Russia is a very large data, and you can check our sales strength in the Russian region through customs data.

In summary, our goal is not only to help you find models that match your formula, but also to provide you with the most cost-effective products to help you overcome your market competition.

In short, in the field of organiclay organobentonite, our Camp SHinning  New Material Co., Ltd. is a highly capable and experienced company that deserves your trust.

Organoclay Gellant

The advantages of organoclay are fast dispersed,  Organophilic clay gellant as an OBM viscosifier , can rapidly increase its output in oil with low shear force and low aromatic content at low temperature. Traditional organic bentonite clay cannot achieve this effect, especially in some formulations with low water content ratio, it will also show particularly good efficiency.

At the same time, it also exhibits extremely strong stability under high temperature and pressure, In terms of Extreme shear thinning characteristics and good fluid loss characteristics at high temperature and pressure allowing faster drilling speeds, faster flow rates, and better hole cleaning. They achieve consistency and stability in product performance across different systems.


  • Oil drilling mud  

Among the many advantages of organiclay bentonite, the most obvious one is that it can increase the stability of emulsifiers, and help or control the loss of fluids in the formation,  At the same time, it is used as an efficient Gellant agent and suspending agent.

The amount of organic bentonite clay used depends on the level of characteristics you want to achieve and the base oil used. Compared with the traditional organoclays bentonite, our organophilic bentonite clay can reduce the amount of organically bentonite by 10~15%.

In this case, when it is used, the stability and consistency of the whole system can still be maintained. In this process, the base oil should be selected . This type of organoclay bentonite is crucial, as the types of organophilic bentonite clay used in diesel and white oil systems are completely different, and their usage levels are also different.

organophilic clay
thixotropic additive
organophilic clay
thixotropic additive
thixotropic additive

Organoclay Gellant

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