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Treated organophilic clay | Oil drilling additive | Fracture additive

Treated organophilic clay | Oil drilling additive Treated organophilic clay is used in lubricating greases,it could produce high temperature r…


Organophic bentonite additive | Oil drilling additives | Fracturing additive

Organophic bentonite additive Organophic bentonite clay is used in oil based fracturing fluids and drilling fluids to effect rheology and susp…


organoclay (bentonite) rheological additive

organoclay (bentonite) rheological additive is utilized in solvent based systems including low to inter mediate to higher polarity range of org…


Organophilic clay | How to choose the right grade in oilfield

Organophilic clay|How to choose the right grade in oilfield Regarding our organophilic clay, many customer always asked us how to choose the r…


organophilic montmorillonite clay

Organophilic montmorillonite clay can be component or the main staple of a flocculent clay powder. They are excellent adsorbers for the removal…


Organically modified clays | Rheology modifier for grease,oil drilling

Organically modified clays as a rheology modifier is a modification of Montmorillonite clay. Organically modified clays is used as a paints add…