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  • Organoclay Supplier | Camp Shinning Organophilic Clay

    Camp Shinning is an experienced organoclay supplier in China. Camp Shinning is a global manufacturer that supplies organoclays worldwide. As an organophilic clay supplier with professional R&D and production capabilities and an extensive distribution network, customers in many industries rely on Camp Shinning to supply organoclay. As a manufacturer, supplier and distributor of organoclays, we have the capability and expertise to provide value-added supply chain solutions for your business.
    Camp Shinning provides users/customers with organoclay bentonite for inks, grease, coatings, paints, and oilfield services. This product is also known as organophilic clay.

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  • Organophilic Clay Suppliers

    Organophilic Clay Suppliers
    Zhejiang Camp Shinning and Hangzhou Camp Shinning are leading organophilic clay suppliers in China. Produced organophilic series products. Such as organophilic bentonite, organophilic clay, and organophilic montmorillonite.
    Organophilic clay is made of organically modified montmorillonite, also referred to as Organophilic clay or organophilic montmorillonite.

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  • Organophilic Bentonite

     Organophilic Bentonite
    Organophilic bentonite is made of bentonite clay montmorillonite, also referred to as organically modified montmorillonite or Organophilic clay. In diesel oil-based fluids, an organophilic clay viscosifier is used to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties, providing support for weight materials and improved cutting removal. Organophilic bentonite also aids in the filter-cake formation and filtration control.

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  • Organic clay | Camp Shinning Organoclay Rheology Modifier

    Organic clay is a kind of organo bentonite.Organoclay also named Organic bentonite clay,thixotropic clay and rheology modifiers in paints.

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