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  • Ink grade organoclay use for printing ink

    Ink grade organoclay use for printing ink, CP-250 is a kind of purified and modified bentonite organoclay, rheological additive designed especially for using in low to middle solvent system ink, such as planographic printing ink, New ink, gravure printing ink etc.. It has high gelling efficiency, fine thixotropy and perfect anti-settling.

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  • Oil Based Emulsifier | Primary And Secondary Emulsifiers

    Oil Based Emulsifier | Primary And Secondary Emulsifiers
    Camp Shinning is a professional supplier of oil based emulsifier in China. Chemical composition of emulsifier is Alkylphenol and ethylene oxide condensate.
    primary and secondary emulsifiers are easily soluble in oil and other organic solvents, dispersible in water, with good emulsifying properties, used as W/O emulsifier in obm drilling mud industry;

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  • OBM Grade Emulsifier

    OBM Grade Emulsifier with high ES (electrical stability), low HTHP filtrate and desired rheological property.OBM Grade Emulsifier can provide good emulsification, improved thermal stability of the invert emulsion, and enhanced high-temperature, high-pressure (HTHP) filtration control.

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  • OBM grade organophilic clay with better high temperature stability

    OBM grade organophilic Clay CP-2A has better high temperature stablity than CP-2, and especially in mineral oil CP-2A is better than CP-2. OBM grade organophilic Clay CP-2 is more costive is diesel oil mud.

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