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  • Anti Settling

    Anti Settling is an important performance for making paint.Camp Shinning provided anti settling agent for paints with stabilized emulsions. All anti settling agent from Camp Shinning has good thixotropy, thickening, dispersibility and high-temperature stability in paint formulation.

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  • Water Based Paint Raw Materials | Water Based Organoclay

    Water Based Paint Raw Materials | Water Based Organoclay
    Camp Shinning supply water based paint raw materials, it mainly means water based organoclay which is a paint thickening agent

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  • Bentonite clay for foundry

    Bentonite clay for foundry | Camp Shinning Organoclay
    Bentonite clay for foundry is in-organic treated bentonite clay which is utilized in foundry to bind the sand grains into desired shapes.
    Bentonite clay helps in retaining the mechanical shape of the mould by making the particles of sands adhere to it and also making the surface impermeable. Strength and fusion point are the two important properties desired for selecting bentonite. Primary use is in the production of non-ferrous castings. Mixing ratio depends on the sand fineness and its quality, impurities, clay particles and fineness of sand will affect the Green strength properties.

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  • Additives Used In Suspension | Camp Shinning Organophilic clay

    Additives used in suspension unique rheological structure suspends weighting materials and other solids additives with increase in viscosity

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