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Organophilic Clay

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  • Rheology modifier CP-300A

    Rheology modifier CP-300A is an Organoclay rheological additive (modified montmorillonite), Rheology modifier designed especially for use in solvent based system including intermediate and low polarity range organic liquid.  

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  • CP-982 Organophilic clay

    Organophilic clay CP-982S
    Organophilic clay CP-982 is a moderate temperature performance amine-treated Bentonite. Organophilic clay is a cost-effective product, particularly in all-oil, invert diesel and mineral oil based fluids, where sufficient shear is available to achieve full dispersion.Organophilic clay CP-982 viscosifier is used to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties, providing support for weight materials and improved cutting removal. 

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  • Rheology modifier CP-40

    Rheology modifier CP-40
    Rheology modifiers thickening agent CP-40 is an organo clay (modified bentonite), rheology modifier  bentonite designed especially for use in solvent based system. Rheology modifier organoclay can be used widely in solvents from low polarity to medium-high polarity.

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  • Organophilic hectorite clay Viscosifier sag prevention for high temperature

    Organophilic hectorite clay viscosifier is a Fluid Loss Control additive, organically modified clay additive that controls the flow of filtrate from multi-base drilling fluids into the formation. As an amine-treated Rheological Modifiers provides superior HPHT fluid loss control while remaining effective across a broad temperature range.

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