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  • OBM Grade Emulsifier

    OBM Grade Emulsifier with high ES (electrical stability), low HTHP filtrate and desired rheological property.OBM Grade Emulsifier can provide good emulsification, improved thermal stability of the invert emulsion, and enhanced high-temperature, high-pressure (HTHP) filtration control.

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  • OBM grade organophilic clay with better high temperature stability

    OBM grade organophilic Clay CP-2A has better high temperature stablity than CP-2, and especially in mineral oil CP-2A is better than CP-2. OBM grade organophilic Clay CP-2 is more costive is diesel oil mud.

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  • Lubricant for water base drilling mud

    Lubricant CP-LUBER is an excellent lubricant with the main components being aliphatic derivatives. It is a Rate of Penetration (ROP) Enhancer and plays an important role in a high performance water-base mud. It is better to reduce friction coefficient and torque which also can be used as drilling fluid lubricant for various kinds of well, especially for highly deviated wells or deep wells.

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  • OBM Viscosifier | Polymeric Viscosifier 

    OBM Viscosifier | Polymeric Viscosifier 
    OBM gelling provides elevated yield point and gel strengths with min increase in oil based mud systems.OBM Viscosifier could increase the hole cleaning capacity for sweeps in directional for gelling freshly prepared muds.

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