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  • Rheological Additives Meaning

    Rheological additives from Camp Shinning offer improved processability, greater storage stability as well as the option to apply greater film thicknesses. As a new class of thickeners -- known as modern rheological additives. These additives allow specific modification of the viscosity of the coating system at various shear rates.

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  • Rheological Additives ppt

    Rheological Additives ppt,organoclay rheological additive for resins and paints to introduce thixotropy and even a yield point.

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  • Oil Paint Additives

    Oil paint additives organoclay for solvent based paint is provided by camp shinning. As paint additives, organoclay has good sag resistance.Preventing hard settling of pigment and fillers and exerts strong film reinforcing action in organic binder systems.

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  • Oil Based Paint Additive | Organic Bentonite Clay

    Oil based paint additive organic bentonite clay is a thickener and thixotropic agent in paint.Camp Shinning export organoclay has 20 years.

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